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Motorcycle Fork Mounted LED Turn Signals

One of the hottest and most asked about products this year is the Motorcycle Fork Mounted Wrap-Around LED Turn Signal. What’s the difference between styles? There are basically 3 styles available from various manufacturers that range from easy “snap-on” installation to much more difficult fork dis-assembly installation. Choosing the one that works best for you isn’t that hard. Not all versions come in every size so narrowing down what works for you may be as easy as “what fits”.

Fork_Light_DRLThe first style is the flat flexible strip that wraps around the fork. Back in the day, the only option was to buy a Flexible Array and wrap it around the forks but the problem was that over time they would eventually start to peel off. That problem was solved a few years back when Chrome Glow started inserting cable ties into their Fork Mounted LED Turn Signals that would wrap around the fork and secure it in place. This style is still the most popular today and come in amber, white, or dual color white/amber.

Gaining in popularity is our 2nd style, the snap-on version. These fork lights use a housing to hold the LEDs and simply clip onto the fork. These also come in just amber, just white, or dual color that function as white daytime running lights (DRL’s) and amber turn signals. These have to be the easiest fork wrap around LED turn signals for motorcycles to install because they simply “snap” over the fork. Run wires up into your headlight bucket and splice into your stock turn signal wires and you’re done.

LED_Fork_Billet_Wrap_AroundThe 3rd and most difficult to install is the Fork Wrap-Around MBW style. These are complete rings that need to be installed by sliding them down over the forks. This version is the nicest looking but you will need to remove your forks from the triple tree so the ring can be installed over the fork and slid down into position.

Here at Chrome Glow we sell and install all three styles and can answer all of your Motorcycle Fork Wrap-Around LED Turn Signal questions. We also carry all types of turn signal wiring modules, load equalizers, and accessories to make your bike stand out in the crowd. Visit us at our brick and mortar store and installation shop at 7682 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs FL or online at and

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Honda Grom Run-Brake-Turn LED Fender Eliminator

FenderKit205Finally an LED Fender Eliminator with a true Run-Brake-Turn function. Thank You SportBike Lites for listening to the Grom community and coming up with a Fender Eliminator that not only looks good but makes us much safer on the road.

It seems everybody and their uncle is using the red-amber dual color style LED strips to make Motorcycle Fender Eliminators. The problem is that when you activate a turn signal the amber LEDs would light over the top of the red running lights making the light bar be more of an orange rather that just amber. To make things worse, if the brake is applied at the same time as the turn signal is blinking the LEDs will appear as a dark red-ish orange making your turning intensions less visible. But not anymore! SBL took it to the next level with this new LED Fender Eliminator for the 14-Up Honda Grom that uses Fleekz LED Technology. What is “Fleekz LED Technology” you ask. Simply put it is a smart Run-Brake-Turn control module for motorcycles that senses your turn signal is blinking and shuts off the red LED on that side. So when your turn signal is activated that side of the LED Light Bar will flash ONLY on amber, completely shutting off the red LEDs, making your directional intention more visible to other drivers. The side without the blinking amber turn signal will remain red (brake or running) When the turn signal is shut off, that ½ of the light bar will go back to red and match the non blinking side (running or brake).FenderKit205-SS-Brake&Turn
This new Honda Grom Fender Eliminator kit features a 50-LED Light Bar in your choice of Red, Smoked, or Clear lens and comes with everything you need for a clean, professional installation. They also have 2 different styles of Tag Mounts, Standard which positions your tag out over the rear wheel in a more traditional position or the SS version which angles the tag inward over the tire for more of a “race bike” look. FenderKit205-Kit

Check out the video to see this new Honda Grom 50-LED Run/Brake/Turn Fender Eliminator Kit in action. They are available at or Contact them for custom Motorcycle LED Light Bars or other Fender Eliminators with Fleekz LED Technology.


Honda Grom Double Row LED Headlight Upgrade

Grom_Double_Headlight2Honda Grom owners take note. The SportBike Lites Grom Double Light Bar LED Headlight for the Grom MSX125 has been redesigned and improved for 2016. Chrome Glow purchased SBL in May of 2015 and one of the 1st things they did was listen to the customers’ feedback and make improvements to this already popular Grom LED Headlight.Grom_Double_Headlight4

One of the down sides to the older version of the SBL Grom Double Light Bar LED Headlight was you didn’t have High and Low beam function. The LED Headlight could only be wired to one or the other. The new headlights come standard with a custom wiring harness to allow the top light bar to function as Low Beam and both light bars to come on as High Beam. Both light bars are now a “spot light” style, giving you more light down the road where you need it most.
The Grom LED Headlight mounting brackets have been redesigned as well making the assembly fit better with less gaps around the “boom-a-rang” headlight side brackets. Other than the light bars themselves, Chrome Glow manufactures the units right here in the USA, with American made parts and people.
11244032_178667502467070_1489437464_nThese Double Row LED Headlights for the Honda Grom put out an astounding 5700 Lumens and come with everything needed for an easy, do-it-yourself install. These motorcycle LED headlights and 1000’s of other motorcycle lighting products can be found at or


Breakout Under-the-Fender LED Taillight Kit

Breakout7If you are an H-D Breakout owner you will definitely want to check out this product from Chrome Glow.  The H-D Breakout Under-the-Fender LED Taillight Kit is an LED Brake/Turn Signal light bar specifically designed for the 2013 & newer US HD Breakout.  So why is this light bar so unique?  Well, with the innovative Sidefirez technology  you are able to mount the light bar perfectly under the contour of the arched fender with the LEDs shining straight back towards traffic.  Plus, it functions as a brake light and turn signals without adding any extra modules.  However, if you would Breakout_Kit1 croppedlike the light bar to function as a Run/Brake/Turn you can add the Running Light Option (US version only).

Now let's talk about the installation; it is fairly easy to install using the pre-attached
double sided 3M tape and is only a 3-wire hook up.  Chrome Glow even includes the Posi -Tap connectors and everything else you need for a professional installation without the cost.  See Detailed installation instructions here: 4005-1BOxBreakout4

Best of all, the light bar is available in Clear, Red, or Smoked tubing so it will blend in with many different paint schemes.  For more details on the H-D Breakout Fender Eliminator LED Taillight Kit go to


Mini Glow Spots


At the size of a dime with a brightness as extreme as the sun,  Mini Glow Spots are the brightest 5/8" diameter motorcycle turn signal cluster with 3mm Red LEDs you will find. Using a simple 3-wire hook up with 32" wire leads they function as 1/2 bright running and full brightness motorcycle brake or turn.  Now you may be asking, “What would I use those on?” Our answer is:  just about anything with a 12V DC system including motorcycles, autos, and golf carts.



We decided to combine the Mini Bullet style turn signal housing with the Red Mini Glow Spots and voilá,  the Mini Bullet “Super Spots” Turn Signal Kit was born.  A universal dual intensity turn signal kit, it's one of the brightest 1" style motorcycle turn signals on the market today.


The possibilities of the Mini Glow Spots are endless. "What are you going to use your Mini Glow Spots on?"

Visit for more details on the Mini Glow Spots!



Amp’d Super-Z LED Flexible Arrays


We're Amp’d up and you should be, too! (And just to be clear we didn't drink a dozen of those high caffeine energy drinks.)


We're talking about The Amp’d Super-Z LED Flexible Arrays available in Red and Amber, and they are 10x brighter than the standard flexible arrays.  The LEDs are slightly larger with a domed top for an intense glow like you've never seen before. They Amp'd1also draw less than .2 amps per ft. With 20 choices in lengths these intense glow strips can be used for just about any LED lighting job with a 12V-15V DC battery .

The picture to the right features two of the 14” Red Amp’d Flex Arrays with 100 LEDs in each bar, on the back of an FLHX. By adding the Dual Element Circuit we converted them to a Run/Turn/Brake set-up.

wheelchair Just to show how versatile these Amp'd Flexible Arrays are, we even installed them on a  wheelchair. Featured here are the Red and Amber Amp'd Flexible Arrays installed on the front,  back, and in the tracks of this custom wheelchair. Now this baby is Amp'd up!


Visit for installation tips and to check out all available lengths.


The Best H4 Motorcycle Headlight bulb, hands down


H4BulbChoices, choices, and more choices! It can be chaotic when trying to figure out which LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb would be best for your bike. Upgrading your motorcycle H4 halogen bulb to an LED doesn’t have to be difficult even though there are so many overwhelming choices.  At Chrome Glow we tested many different models from a list of manufactures and found the MT15 H4 LED Headlight Bulb not only to be the brightest but also the most reliable. Not to mention its pretty easy to install too. No need taking your bike into the shop for this install. Below we will show you just how its done and maybe even save you a few bucks in the process.

First, the advantages of switching to an LED H4 Motorcycle Headlight Bulb.  LEDs are brighter and more energy efficient than H4Bulb3old Halogen bulbs. The MT15 bulb puts about a astounding 6000K color temperature as compared to only 2400-3800K found in most Halogen bulbs. Ok, so what the heck does 6000K mean to me you say? It’s basically the color of the light the bulb produces. The MT15 will produce a brilliant pure white color making not only the road ahead brighter but also making you more visible to other drivers. Stock Halogen bulbs with 2400-3800K produce a yellow light (as you already know since that’s what's in your bike now).   Now how's this for energy efficiency?The MT15 uses 50%-60% less power than conventional Halogen motorcycle Headlight bulbs.

Now for the install.  Since this headlight bulb did not require a load equalizer or any special modules the installation was fairly easy. Keep in mind that LED headlight bulbs are larger than stock bulbs but install in quite the same way your stock headlight bulb does.  To install the MT15 H4 Headlight bulb, simply remove the headlight assembly from your bike so you can get to the back of the housing. Release the clip holding the stock bulb in place and remove the bulb. Hang on to that clip, you’ll need it to install the MT15 Bulb. The new LED bulb comes with an adapter ring already installed on it but it’s the wrong one. Using a Phillips Head Screw Driver, remove the small screw on the new bulb (save that screw) and remove the adapter ring. Place the correct ring into your headlight housing where the stock bulb was and secure with the clip. Now insert the build into the new adapter ring and secure in place using the Phillips Head Screw. Now just plug in the headlight bulb and reassemble your head light. Its just that easy.H4Bulb2

You can get the MT15 LED Headlight bulb at



Glow Strips-Motorcycle LED Accent Lights

Have you heard of Glow Strips??  Well you have now and you’re gonna love them.  These LED Accent Lights are the latest, greatest thing when it comes to motorcycle underglow lighting.  Twice as bright as traditional LED Accent lights with virtually the same power consumption.

I found these on and they’re the only ones selling them in individual strips, complete LED Accent Light Kits, or full 16 foot rolls.  What I like the best is the fact that they come in 8 colors. Red, Amber, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Pink, and Orange.  For you Purple lovers, you’re really going to love these because they’re just as bright as all the other colors.  The old days of the UV (black Light) purple are over.  Glow Strips give you the brightest purple LEDs on the market.

Installation is a snap too.  Glow Strips are Peel-N-Stick with super strong 3M automotive tape on the back and if you get them in the complete accent kit form , they come with all the essentials for a professional installation.  For you “Do-It-Yourselfers” out there, here is link to install instruction for the kits.  Its really easy  Glow Strips Install Instructions

Here's all the Technical info in case you were wondering:  A 5050 style LED is a much  brighter LED than the normal 3528.  This may seem like a bunch of numbers but it actually has a lot of meaning.  In comparison the 3528 SMD (Surface Mounted Device) only has 1 Light Emitting Chip and a power consumption of .08 watts per SMD.  Whereas the 5050 SMD has 3 Light Emitting Chips with a power consumption of .24 watts per SMD.  So what does this all mean, in short 5050 LEDs are at least 3X brighter than 3528 LEDs.

These strips are super thin at only .14” thick and available in 8 extremely bright colors.  There are pre packaged Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kits  or Glow Strip Reels for the DIY people.  Here is a link to all the LED accent light installation accessories you would need to make your own kit.  Also they come with 3 feet of wire but I am sure if you shoot them an email they would customize the length for you.

Now that you have the low down on the Glow strips I have a hard time believing you will want to use any other LED strip for your lighting needs. I have found that these Glow strips are so versatile you can use them on just about any 12V-DC lighting job.






Highway Bar/Handle Bar wrap around light kit

Highway Bar Driving Light Set is a unique new product that  allows you to add a custom LED DRL or turn signal to your motorcycle with flush mount design. It’s wrap-around appearance combined with the incredibly bright white or amber Cree LEDs will give you the custom look you want. They fit both 1” and 1-1/4” bars and come in polished SS or black powder-coat.


Here is a brief description of the installation and tools we used for the installation: Because the wires are all hidden inside the bars there will be drilling and tapping involved in the install.


Make sure you have the following:

  • Allen Wrench set
  • #41 or #42 drill
  • Tork Bit T45
  • 4-40 Tap
  • Center Punch
  • Strippers/cutters
  • Silicone
  • Lock Tite



Here are just a few tricks we learned during the installation. Don’t worry, the kit comes with instructions too.

First you would remove the highway bar (optional) but highly recommended, especially if you don't have a motorcycle lift.  This will make it a lot easier to drill and tap the holes. Before drilling, you will want to mock- up the locations of lights and mark it with a sharpie. The drill bit size and the tap size are very small so if you’re not familiar with this you may want to get some help from somebody who has. Be sure to remove all burrs after drilling. You don’t want the wires getting cut on sharp edges. We applied a  very thin layer of silicone on the inside of the lens, making sure not to get any in the viewing area  Then mount housings and reinstall highway bar(if you have removed it) and you are ready for wiring.  On most bikes, the running light wire, ground wire, and turn signal wires can be found inside the headlight bucket. Two important tips, allow enough wire to fully turn your handlebars and let your silicone set up overnight. Make sure you do not get that area wet and destroy the lights or you will have to go through this process again. These LED Highway Light Kits and many other LED Motorcycle Lighting products can be found at


Check out this YouTube video of an install on a police motorcycle done in red and blue:


BMW NineT custom LED taillight from Chrome Glow

A hot product that is getting a lot of buzz at is the Flexible Array Light Bar with Run-Turn- Brake. This product comes in four different lengths and functions as Running light, Brake light and Turn Signals without the need for a special RTB (run/turn/brake) module.  Our customers have been loving them; especially the 11“ featured here by one of our customers.



He installed the 11” Flexible Array Light Bar with Run-Turn-Brake on his BMW nineT


This is a fairly easy installation but it is suggested that you have some knowledge of the motorcycle wiring. Soldering and heat-shrinking is recommended for a professional installation. Wiring accessories can be found at this link.

Light bar attaches with included 3M double sided automotive tape. What's really cool is they come in clear or smoked tubing to match just about any paint scheme. To check out all four lengths and details go to