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Honda Grom Run-Brake-Turn LED Fender Eliminator

FenderKit205Finally an LED Fender Eliminator with a true Run-Brake-Turn function. Thank You SportBike Lites for listening to the Grom community and coming up with a Fender Eliminator that not only looks good but makes us much safer on the road.

It seems everybody and their uncle is using the red-amber dual color style LED strips to make Motorcycle Fender Eliminators. The problem is that when you activate a turn signal the amber LEDs would light over the top of the red running lights making the light bar be more of an orange rather that just amber. To make things worse, if the brake is applied at the same time as the turn signal is blinking the LEDs will appear as a dark red-ish orange making your turning intensions less visible. But not anymore! SBL took it to the next level with this new LED Fender Eliminator for the 14-Up Honda Grom that uses Fleekz LED Technology. What is “Fleekz LED Technology” you ask. Simply put it is a smart Run-Brake-Turn control module for motorcycles that senses your turn signal is blinking and shuts off the red LED on that side. So when your turn signal is activated that side of the LED Light Bar will flash ONLY on amber, completely shutting off the red LEDs, making your directional intention more visible to other drivers. The side without the blinking amber turn signal will remain red (brake or running) When the turn signal is shut off, that ½ of the light bar will go back to red and match the non blinking side (running or brake).FenderKit205-SS-Brake&Turn
This new Honda Grom Fender Eliminator kit features a 50-LED Light Bar in your choice of Red, Smoked, or Clear lens and comes with everything you need for a clean, professional installation. They also have 2 different styles of Tag Mounts, Standard which positions your tag out over the rear wheel in a more traditional position or the SS version which angles the tag inward over the tire for more of a “race bike” look. FenderKit205-Kit

Check out the video to see this new Honda Grom 50-LED Run/Brake/Turn Fender Eliminator Kit in action. They are available at or Contact them for custom Motorcycle LED Light Bars or other Fender Eliminators with Fleekz LED Technology.


Breakout Under-the-Fender LED Taillight Kit

Breakout7If you are an H-D Breakout owner you will definitely want to check out this product from Chrome Glow.  The H-D Breakout Under-the-Fender LED Taillight Kit is an LED Brake/Turn Signal light bar specifically designed for the 2013 & newer US HD Breakout.  So why is this light bar so unique?  Well, with the innovative Sidefirez technology  you are able to mount the light bar perfectly under the contour of the arched fender with the LEDs shining straight back towards traffic.  Plus, it functions as a brake light and turn signals without adding any extra modules.  However, if you would Breakout_Kit1 croppedlike the light bar to function as a Run/Brake/Turn you can add the Running Light Option (US version only).

Now let's talk about the installation; it is fairly easy to install using the pre-attached
double sided 3M tape and is only a 3-wire hook up.  Chrome Glow even includes the Posi -Tap connectors and everything else you need for a professional installation without the cost.  See Detailed installation instructions here: 4005-1BOxBreakout4

Best of all, the light bar is available in Clear, Red, or Smoked tubing so it will blend in with many different paint schemes.  For more details on the H-D Breakout Fender Eliminator LED Taillight Kit go to


Mini Glow Spots


At the size of a dime with a brightness as extreme as the sun,  Mini Glow Spots are the brightest 5/8" diameter motorcycle turn signal cluster with 3mm Red LEDs you will find. Using a simple 3-wire hook up with 32" wire leads they function as 1/2 bright running and full brightness motorcycle brake or turn.  Now you may be asking, “What would I use those on?” Our answer is:  just about anything with a 12V DC system including motorcycles, autos, and golf carts.



We decided to combine the Mini Bullet style turn signal housing with the Red Mini Glow Spots and voilá,  the Mini Bullet “Super Spots” Turn Signal Kit was born.  A universal dual intensity turn signal kit, it's one of the brightest 1" style motorcycle turn signals on the market today.


The possibilities of the Mini Glow Spots are endless. "What are you going to use your Mini Glow Spots on?"

Visit for more details on the Mini Glow Spots!



BMW NineT custom LED taillight from Chrome Glow

A hot product that is getting a lot of buzz at is the Flexible Array Light Bar with Run-Turn- Brake. This product comes in four different lengths and functions as Running light, Brake light and Turn Signals without the need for a special RTB (run/turn/brake) module.  Our customers have been loving them; especially the 11“ featured here by one of our customers.



He installed the 11” Flexible Array Light Bar with Run-Turn-Brake on his BMW nineT


This is a fairly easy installation but it is suggested that you have some knowledge of the motorcycle wiring. Soldering and heat-shrinking is recommended for a professional installation. Wiring accessories can be found at this link.

Light bar attaches with included 3M double sided automotive tape. What's really cool is they come in clear or smoked tubing to match just about any paint scheme. To check out all four lengths and details go to


Custom Flexible Arrays on a Rocker C

We have been getting more and more request from customers who own a Rocker C that want to do something different with their rear Run-Brake-Turn signals. Most people want to remove them completely and go with an LED strip light but just arent sure how to go about it.

What we did on this Rocker C was add 2 Flexible LED Arrays with 55 LEDs to the swing arm. We also added a set of Drugz Turn Signal Circuits and a pair of Dual Element Circuits to they would function as Run, Brake, and Turn.

Click here for a Run-Brake-Turn wiring diagram

Flexible Array on Rocker C

55 LED Flexible Array on RockerC

Flexible Array on Rocker C

55 LED Flexible Array installed as Run-Brake-Turn

55 LED Flexible Array installed as Run-Brake-Turn


New from Chrome Glow – Customized 2012 V-Rod LED Light Bar

V-Rod3After requests from many customers, knew we needed to offer a light bar for V-Rods that functioned as a running light, brake light, and turn signal.  We worked with Radiantz to design and develop a new rear LED light bar specifically designed for the 2012 V-Rod.

This new light bar fits perfectly over the extended stock taillight found on the new 2012 V-Rods.  The entire light bar acts as a running and a brake light but when the turn signal is activated the outer 5” of the light bar blinks amber. This new design eliminates the need for a Run-Brake-Turn module and can be installed in less than 1-1/2 hours!

Learn more about the 2012 V-Rod LED Light Bar










Custom Install January 2012 – CVO Street Glide

Our shop has been very busy so far this winter with installations ranging from LED turn signals, brake lights, and LED headlights to more custom installations. One of the most recent installations we did was on a 2012 CVO Street Glide.

LED Dog-Eye Turn Signals

LED Dog-Eye Turn Signals

In this install, we started out installing our LED Dog-Eye turn signals in the front. They function as a full time white Daytime Running Light (DRL). When the turn signal is activated the white outer ring turns off and the amber inner LEDs illuminate as turn signals.

We also added red 1157 clusters to the rear turns.

FLHX Floor Board Turns

FLHX Floor Board Turns

We then installed a set of red Floor Board lights using Drugz circuits so they function as full time running lights and the flash “Off to On” as turn signals making the bike more visible from the side.

When this was completed, we got started on the custom work. First we removed the stock spoiler lights in the saddlebags. We took them apart and inserted 20 LED Flexible Arrays into them. We glued them back together and installed them using Dual Element Circuits to make them function as running and brake. This made the spoiler lights now appear 3x brighter than stock.

We then removed the stock lower fender light and completely disassembled it. Removed the smoked lens and fabricated in 3 of the 55 LED Flexible Arrays in the slots. We also used a Dual Element Circuit here to make them function as running and brake lights.

After that we installed a set of our 40 LED Filler Strip kit and wire them into the running and brake lights.

We then topped off the whole job by adding a strobe module to the Spoiler Lights, Filler Strip Lights, and the Fender Skirt Lights. When the brake is activated all 3 of these lights will strobe 3x and then go “steady On”. This is a great way to get the attention of the driver behind you to let them know you are slowing down.

Learn more about our custom installs at

If you’d like to enter a photo or video of the install on your bike, please email us at


Featured Motorcycle LED Install – November 2011

On this custom LED light install, we did a few things to light up this Harley Davidson V-Rod.

We first installed LED Fork Lights on the V-Rod Mucle for front turn signals with a clean, custom look.

The customer wanted the fork lights to function both as turn signals and high intensity running lights, so we used the 40 LED strips along with Drugz Turn Signal Circuits so that they could run together as both.

And finally, we installed Chameleonz Color Changing LED Kit to light up the motor for a cool custom glow.

Learn more about our custom installs at

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New Motorcycle Lights and Accessories Added this Fall

Yamaha Raider Front Turn Signal Kit

Yamaha Raider Front Turn Signal Kit

Honda Fury LED Turn Signal Kit

Honda Fury LED Turn Signal Kit

V-Star Tail Light Lens

V-Star Tail Light Lens

Large Oval LED Brake Light Board

Large Oval LED Brake Light Board

VTX Custom Integrated LED Taillight

VTX Custom Integrated LED Taillight

We have added many new products this fall including a wide selection of integrated tail lights and turn signals for a number of different motorcycle models from our new partnership with Moto Lume. Check out some of the newest additions below, or view a complete listing on our New Products page at

  • Yamaha Raider Front Turn Signal Kit – almost invisible until activated, View here
  • Honda Fury LED Turn Signal Kit - almost invisible until activated, View here
  • V-Star Tail Light Lens – clear or smoked replacement motorcycle taillight lens, View here
  • Large Oval LED Brake Light Board – super bright 136 LED universal motorcycle brake light board, View here
  • Kingpin Rear LED Turn Signal Kit - sleek new one-of-a-kind rear low profile turn signal kits, amber or red, View here
  • Integrated LED Tail Lights and Turn Signals for: DeuceV-RodV-StarVTX CustomM109Warrior, Yamaha V-Star 650/1000
    And more models to come!

You can see a complete listing of our new products here.
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Latest Motorcycle LED Install – October 2011

In this custom install we did on a Harley Davidson, we added a red engine LED light kit – the Red H-D Twin Cam & Evo LED Light Kit - and front and rear LED flat turn signal clusters for a clean look. We also installed a Smart Equalizer to reduce the turn signal flash rate back to “stock” speed. Learn more about our custom installs at

If you’d like to enter a photo or video of the install on your bike, please email us at